Fable: Great Deeds

There once was a great man who made a fortune selling provisions to the 49-ers and later in setting up one of the Big Four US railways.

When his son died at 15 he resolved to make his fortune available to help other peoples’ children and he founded a university.

He gave the university his 8,000 acre farm – and the campus is still called The Farm.


In the 50s, the engineering professor, later provost, determined to attract semiconductor companies to his area by setting up co-operative programmes and a research park.


The initiative secured the future of the university by spawning an industrial hub which helped build the university’s endowment fund to $17 billion.


Moral: Great deeds have great effects



  1. Yes indeed, Mr C, the great Leland Stanford and the magnificent academy he founded it was, and the Provost who helped spawn Silicon Valley, who personally invested in many of its early companies and hugely boosted the university’s endowment was, of course, the great Fred Terman.

  2. Would that be Stanford?

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