Fable: Resisting

A top 20 semiconductor company which was founded in 1958 and then changed its name in 1961 to reflect the unit of measurement of electrical resistance, has had the same President ever since it was founded.

The company started off making resistors, then became a leading manufacturer of custom analogue, diversified into EEPROM and is now 80% a discretes company.

It acquired, inter alia, Exar, Exel, Oki and Kionix.

Moral: Only the agile survive.



  1. That is interesting, steve, thanks. I didn’t realise that Exar started life as a US subsidiary of Rohm.

  2. Even more so would be Kenichiro Sato, the founder of Rohm, Mr C.

  3. Satoshi Sawamura would be pleased to know that he is still agile at his age?

  4. I was not aware of Rohm acquiring Exar. Indeed it looks like a bit more complex. Exar spun off from Rohm, they cooperated, Exar acquired Exel, Rohm stepped in to help Exar (http://www.fundinguniverse.com/company-histories/exar-corp-history/)
    Resisting or roller-coasting? :-)

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