Fable: The Rich Physicist

There was once a physicist who, in the same year he was awarded his PhD at Cambridge, set up a computer company on capital of £100.

Seven years later, the company had gone public and had a market cap of £100 million.

And the company’s founder was adjudged by the Sunday Times to be the 12th richest man in England.

At the time, he thought to himself: ‘Is this the richest I’m ever going to get?’

For 15 years it was. Then another IPO made him richer.

Moral: Start Young



  1. I spent some time in a village called Grinzing Dr Bob where there seemed to be a lot of local wine being sold and I seem to remember liking all of it of every kind but I can’t remember any names. My suspicion is that Austrian wine tastes better drunk locally which, of course, is true for many places. Though, thankfully, Bordeaux travels extremely well. As does Kiwi Sauvignon.

  2. David, I concurr about the Austrian wines. Even some of the Reds are pretty good.

    I would even go so far to say that some of the 2euro/litre red table wines can be acceptable – others less so!

  3. Gruner Veltliner’s not bad

  4. I always loved the line in “The Micro Men” where Hauser explains to Curry he is destined to run the family vineyard. Curry says “that doesn’t sound so bad” to which Hermann replies “Have you tasted Austrian wine ?”

  5. Spot on Stooriefit, Hauser it was. And Yes – the wine business beckoned, he says he learnt his component buying skills from watching his dad buying grapes.

  6. Herman Hauser I think.

    It was either start Acorn or back to the ancestral vinyard I believe.

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