Fable: The Screw-Up

Once upon a time some of Apple’s top engineers span-out a company which captured the industry’s imagination to such an extent that its backers included Sony, Motorola, AT&T, Philips, BT, Matsushita and others.

A rabbit roamed the offices.

The product was to be a personal communicator at a time – 24 years back – when wireless bandwidth was puny.

19 years ago the company IPO’d after a year when it lost $21 million. Opening at $14 the shares closed at $26.60 on the first day’s trading raising $77 million.

Four years later the stock was worth $1.38.

Moral: The Glitterati can screw up.



  1. Yes indeed George, General Magic – those old bunny-botherers – it was.

  2. General Magic?

  3. Well Yes, Silverman, and how many techie glitterati go in for retarded behaviour?

  4. The office was a giant rabbit litter-tray? How retarded.

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