Fable: The App Which Saved A Chip Company.

Way back in the mid 1970s the semiconductor division of a major electronics company lost $28 million in one year – not much these days but big for an industry whose total revenues in 1975 were slightly under $4 billion.

The parent company of the errant semiconductor operation put an industry veteran in charge. itt was assumed that he was going to close it.

Instead, the veteran decided to save it.

The head of the microprocessor division re-designed the company’s proprietary processor and persuaded General Motors to put it into their vehicles.

That deal was  the first large sale of a microprocessor to the car industry, it was seen as marking the creation of the embedded  processor market, and it was largely instrumental in saving the semiconductor operation from closure.

Moral:  There’s always a new application.



  1. If they had listened to Chuck Peddle they could have had a Motorola processor designed into the Apple 1 and 11, Atari 2600 etc. I think they had
    learnt their lesson by the time of the 68000 though.

  2. Yes, Fred

  3. Could the company be Motorola?

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