Fable: The Company Which Tried

There was once a semiconductor company which was, frankly, second tier even in its own country.

The boss sent off one of his brightest engineers to meet one of the wisest men working for a major customer.

The wise man said: “CMOS.”

The young engineer went back to his company and set out to make CMOS.

It was very difficult. Yields were terrible. The task seemed impossible. The temptation to give up was strong.

But eventually the company managed to make stable, yielding CMOS.

It was the foundation of the company’s fortunes which last to this day with a place in the world top ten semiconductor suppliers.

Moral: Try, try and try again



  1. Toshiba, anon.

  2. No no, funnily enough it was dear old Tosh, Fred, who sent the young Tsuyoshi Kawanishi off to see Sharp’s Tadashi Sasaki and came back with the advice to develop CMOS.

  3. how about Intel

  4. Still puzzling over this one. O.K., CMOS, well logic at least I’d be tempted to go for RCA who did pioneer the classic 4000 series logic family. Trouble is, that doesn’t fit the scenario that well. Could we be talking about CMOS memory as opposed to logic ? Aargh.. give up – let us know the answer.

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