Fable: The Flip-Flopper

There was once a company which, 42 years ago, closed down its two semiconductor manufacturing subsidiaries which were making standard logic ICs.

Eight years later, the company established a semiconductor joint venture with a US semiconductor company. One year later it pulled out of the jv when its US partner was taken over.

Ten years later it acquired another semiconductor company when it took over its systems company parent.

Nine years later it sold this semiconductor business.

Moral:  Consistency counts



  1. He (Arnie) was of the post war years and looked to milk a captive market, i.e. defnense and telecoms. Being a low risk taker he did this quite successfuly in the years up to the 80’s, when the business landscape changed beyond his comprehension. Sad really that he had no ability to see that things were changing and his business was becoming redundant.

  2. Spot on, David, large capex, fluky market, arrogant techies were not the sort of mix that appealed to Arnie. A plus-cost MoD contract was more his line.

  3. Or: Some people just dont like semiconductors?

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