Fable: The Great Man Who Benefited His Successor

There was once a great man. Trained as a mining engineer he was a millionaire before he was 40 and then, without having held any elective office, ran for the Presidency of the USA. And won.

However the USA fell on hard economic times during his presidency to which he responded with some ambitious public works projects and a sharp rise in taxes on the rich.

These initiatives did nor bear fruit in his tenure as President but they helped get the US economy back on track under his successor.

Moral: Great deeds do not always reward their do-er.



  1. Yes I’ve found that to be true of towns in Georgia – often quite lovely in parts but dead. Even Savannah. Vernon Square in Darien was breathtakingly lovely, but Darien’s a small place. What I love about Georgia are the islands and the wide open seascapes and reedbeds. And you can have some fun there – try Doc’s Bar on Tybee Island on a Saturday night.

  2. Mr C, did you enjoy your step back in time? I found Albany GA quaint but somewhat lacking :0)

  3. I know, I know Mr C, just as the US economy starts to mend a private equity guy could be running America before today is out. Poor old Yanks I hope they’re spared that. But everyone I met in ten days in Georgia recently was rooting for Romney as though he was the Saviour. God help them – maybe he already tried to by delivering Sandy.

  4. Are you talking about Ed again Mr M?

  5. Goes to show you need to stick your name to stuff otherwise some b. tries to take credit for it.

  6. At least he eventually had a national monument and a great engineering feat re-named in his honour, otherwise today you’d be visting the FDR Dam.

  7. Spot on, Fred, Herbert Hoover it was with FDR the beneficiary

  8. Obviously nothing to do with David being in America in election season that inspired this one…
    Had to enlist Wikipedia to help out – former American presidents not exactly being my strong suite.
    Obviously none of the recent incumbents qualify but former President Herbert Hoover seems a damn fine match to me..

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