Apple’s Vista?

Apple is sending out messages saying users of their devices can upgrade to iOS 6.1.

Don’t do it.

According to Rory Cellan-Jones on the BBC tech site, upgrading to iOS 6.1  is causing alarming battery drain because devices keep on contacting the network.

Vodafone, worried that it could overload the networks, has warned Apple 4S customers not to upgrade.

Cellan-Jones said that Apple brushed off his queries, which is par for the course in Apple’s current disdain for customers mode.

I did this myself some years ago on my iPhone 3. After upgrading the OS, the phone  slowed down horribly.

Apple wouldn’t tell me how to go back to the original OS but they put me in touch with someone who could and, after a complex process, the original OS was restored. All was well.

Apple is taking a terrible risk in treating customers this way.



  1. “So let’s just stop using Apple phones, and let’s all stop eating anything from Tesco…”
    Is there a correlation between Apple phone users and Tesco shoppers ? I’m neither but would be an interesting survey.

  2. “So let’s just stop using Apple phones, and let’s all stop eating anything from Tesco…”
    That would be a start!
    Keith, have you tried switching off and re-booting your PC/iThing/whatever? 🙂

  3. I’m sorry Keith. Believe me we’re all trying to fix this

  4. I could understand if I was trying to post more than 1 article a minute there may be a problem, but it happens on the very first post I make! If I then try a few times more it eventually works.
    Unless it’s considering *all* postings from all users and throttling them, which would be rather daft…
    5th attempt…

  5. Lucky guess I suppose although one placed I worked the management meeting notes were good for a laugh with
    S.H. IT Manager
    Liberally scattered in the actions list

  6. How did you know that Dr Bob? The Head of IT’s email address is known only to God and himself.

  7. just post the Head of IT’s email address.
    Wouldn’t be something along the lines of

  8. I can only apologise again Mike and refer you to the answer I sent Keith to his complaint under the Apple’s Vista? post. As it says there, there might be light at the end of the tunnel when we transfer onto our new proprietor’s servers in a month or so. But, as you rightly say, the Head of IT sits at the right hand of God Almighty, and my puny whingeings are beneath his notice. He has not replied to my last complaint.

  9. Why don’t you just tell the “Head of Moveable Type IT” (uh) to take his silly throttle off ??
    This is another problem with companies nowadays – it seems the head of IT is above the head of any department that does real work !!
    (and it took 3 resubmit to get this through)

  10. I know I know Keith it will discourage people from commenting and I do apologise. Here is the reply which the Head of Movable Type IT sent to me when I passed on the complaints: “There is a throttle on comments which I’d expect you to be affected by occasionally – and that’s set to no more than one comment per minute.  I can easily see you racing through at that rate, but then again, spam robots will go faster than that as well, and we do try to slow them down.  The setting is changeable across the whole installation, but for various reasons, including the spam issue that’s a change that would have to be requested formally by an IT Account Manager and me managed through change control.
    As far as users seeing the effect after days or weeks of non-use, it’s possible that if they are on networks where there are many users sharing an IP address, a colleague may have just also commented, but I suppose that’s probably less likely for a modest traffic blog like yours.  In that case I can’t offer any explanation – only to make sure they have cleared their browser’s cache – all the usual stuff we tell people to do when we don’t have a more concrete answer.  If they are making a comment  then immediately editing it or making another, then the throttle will kick in as expected – it’s the _present 60 second slot_  that counts, no consideration is given to previous inactivity.”
    So he seems to be saying that, if you grt the ‘too many comments’ error message you wait 60 seconds and try again. This is OK if you’ve kept a copy of the post but not if you haven’t. So I’m advising people to take a copy prior to posting.
    It’s horribly frustrating but there is a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel. Although we were sold to new masters in June we are still running on the servers of our old masters. This arrangement ends in a month or two and we’ll run on our new masters’ servers where, if things go wrong, I hope I have more leverage In sorting problems than I currently have with the old masters’ IT people.
    Very long answer. Many apologies again. I know exactly how you feel because it’s happened to me many many times – usually at the most inopportune moments – and it drives me potty.

  11. Ah thanks for that Mark, still mine is a 4 not a 4S so I don’t think I have the problem…
    btw still unable to login to the forum, David if you can’t get the IT guys to fix it I guess your traffic is going to go downhill…

  12. @ Keith
    Vodafone haven’t changed their mind, you just included the full stop in the URL, try
    And yesterday Apple released iOS 6.1.1

  13. Well Mike I don’t really want to get into a debate about the BBC’s merits; it’s a lot better than most news sites but it does seem to be descending further and further into reporting trivia these days.
    Googling ‘iOS 6.1 battery drain’ comes up with plenty of stories about people that have had problems, people that haven’t had problems, some only on the 4S, some on other models. Some people think it’s related to MS Exchange, others think that resetting their phone stops it, some may even think it’s the Pope’s fault.
    All I know is mine has worked normally since the upgrade.

  14. You’re right Mike the Beeb’s reporters are carbon-based life forms and to err is human.

  15. The BBC is of course biased against everything anyone likes or supports – Manchester United or Chelsea, Lewis Hamilton or Sebastian Vettel, Socialism or Capitalism, Apple or Android, Windows or Linux, stay in or leave the EU, etc.
    The BBC isn’t always 100% right and has shown a tendancy to back down from taking on the legal system recently, but it’s still in a higher league to any other news outlet. If it’s published on the Beeb there more than an inkling of truth in it.

  16. Well David, looks like even Vodaphone may have changed their mind, when you click on that URL you get:
    “An Unexpected Error has occurred.
    Sorry, your request failed. A notification has been sent to the development team for investigation.
    Exception ID: 765A2028
    Please click the Back button on your browser.”
    So let’s just stop using Apple phones, and let’s all stop eating anything from Tesco, because it may just contain horse meat, because the media says it’s true.
    btw another ‘too many comments’ received on the first comment of the day…

  17. Keith, I can only refer you to Vodafone’s statement at No one’s saying everyone is affected but it’s all over the the media – The Telegraph, The Register, PCPro, expertreviews as well as BBC – that some people are affected

  18. Oh come on David, there does not seem to be any factual evidence behind this other than a scurrilous BBC report (which are normally heavily biassed in favour of Apple).
    I’ve had no problems since upgrading to iOS 6.1.
    After 14 hours since its last charge, my battery reading is still 83% (I havent the time to watch movies all day on it, even if I wanted to, which I don’t).

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