Army Surplus Spectrum Up For Sale For 4G.

In addition to the Ofcom auction of spectrum for 4G expected early in 2013, the MoD is to sell off more spectrum by the summer of 2014.

The spectrum to be sold by the MoD will be below the 15GHz frequency.

It is hoped to raise GBP1bn from the sales which will be in addition to the GBP3.5bn which the Chancellor hopes to raise from the Ofcom auction.

The MoD says the spectrum to be sold is surplus to requirements.

The government has pledged to make 500MHz of sub-5GHz spectrum available for mobile communications use by 2020 .



  1. Yes indeed whatever next Dr Bob? The Coronation Coach? Andrew Mitchell’s bicycle? Silver-Stick-In-Waiting?

  2. Will it be auctioned off on the same website that sold the Ark Royal, Harriers, Gazelles, Land Rovers etc?

  3. That’s great, I can see me powering up my new G4 Vodafone only to get a message from some squaddie telling me he is about to fire off his howitzer?

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