Carbon Out-thinks Silicon

What a laugh – this guy who out-sourced his job to China.

Apparently the US software guy got a Chinese company to do his job for a fifth of his salary.

The employee fedexed his RSA security tag to the Chinese company so the Chinese could log on to his employer’s network via a VPN pretending to be the employee.

It seems that the employee had executed this scam multiple times for different employers and was earning hundreds of thousands of dollars a year for an annual outlay of $50,000.

This is a tale of our times. That supreme tool for automation – the Internet – has made managements think in terms of trying to automate everything.

Hence the rise of process-driven management. Workers are seen as machines performing a series of functions.

Clearly this employees’ employers had never th0ught it worthwhile talking to him personally about the detail of his work.

And, the employee being a carbon-based life-form, probably thought: ‘OK if that’s how they play the game, I’ll work this to my advantage.’

It all shows how carbon-based brains can out-think silicon brains.

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