Everspin Launches 16Mbit MRAM, Volume In July

Everspin Technologies, the former MRAM group at Freescale, is sampling a 16Mbit MRAM. Production volumes are scheduled for July 2010. The chips are made for Everspin by Freescale.

“Our product roadmap will deliver MRAM at increasingly higher densities, while maintaining MRAM’s unique characteristics in a cost effective way,” says Saied Tehrani, COO of Everspin.

Called the MR4A16B, the MRAM is a 3.3-volt, parallel I/O non-volatile RAM with 35ns access time and unlimited read/write cycles.

Data is always non-volatile after each write for more than 20 years, says Everspin.

MRAM is immune to soft error rates associated with cosmic rays that impact other memories. An MRAM memory cell consists of one transistor and one resistor.

The 16Mb MRAM is organized as 1,048,576 words of 16 bits. Pin and function-compatible with asynchronous SRAM, the MR4A16B targets industrial automation, robotics, network and data storage, multi-function printers and a host of other systems traditionally limited to SRAM-based designs.

The MR4A16B is available in a small footprint 48-pin ball grid array (BGA) package and a 54-pin thin small outline package (TSOPII). These packages are compatible with similar low-power SRAM products and other non-volatile RAM products.

The 16Mbit MRAM has commercial (0°C to +70 °C) versions and industrial temperature (-40°C to +85 °C) range options.

Everspin’s other MRAMs are 8- and 16-bit parallel I/O products ranging from 256Kb through 16Mb densities in BGA and TSOP packages and serial peripheral interface I/O products ranging from 256Kb through 1Mb densities in DFN packages.

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