Altera To Use Intel’s 14nm Process

Altera has joined Tabula and Achronix as an FPGA foundry customer of Intel. According to Altera, Intel has agreed that Altera will be the only ‘major’ FPGA customer of Intel which appears to rule out Lattice and Xilinx becoming Intel foundry customers.

Altera will first use Intel’s 14nm finfet process but no date has been given as to when Altera will start to get wafers. Altera has not announced its 14nm products yet and has yet to move into production of its prior generation 20nm products.

Altera has been a lead process co-developer with TSMC for several generations of process development and presumably this will now stop with the 14nm generation, but nothing has been said about that. Altera will continue with plans to use TSMC’s 20nm process.

Intel currently has 50% more capacity than it can use at 22nm and has said it will spend $13 billion building new capacity this year. Altera’s sign-up will help make that investment look more justifiable.



  1. Yes indeed, davidRS, so fast that it might persuade Intel that ARM is a better architecture than x86

  2. Altera should be able to get some fast ARM cores in their Stratix FPGAs at 14nm, and made by Intel.

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