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The International Civil Aviation Authority warned airlines in April “of the possible existence of serious risks to the safety of international civil flights” and advised them to find alternative routes to Ukrainian airspace.

On Monday Eurocontrol issued a Notam warning saying it “strongly advises” avoiding Ukrainian.airspace.

It’s cheaper to fly through Ukrainian airspace between Europe and Asia.

Some airline execs should be having their collars felt.



  1. Yes it’s awful Mike. A terrible result of the modern addiction to cost-cutting.

  2. Hopefully !! Sheer incompetence or worse.

  3. That $1500 and 10 minutes may have cost Malaysian Airlines the company, Mike, if a class action law-suit finds them negligent

  4. Can’t find a definitive list but

    China Airlines (of Taiwan)
    Korean Air
    Cathay Pacific

    Probably more useful is a list of who didn’t but seems much harder to find that !! But did include
    Air India
    Thai Airways
    Air China
    China Eastern Airways

    Interesting comment
    “flying over Ukraine instead of around the country saved Malaysia Airlines up to $1,500 per flight in fuel, or 2 percent, and shaved about 10 minutes off the trip.”
    Sounds like another Ford Pinto !

  5. I think a class action would be justified Silverman. It seems some airlines respected the ICAO warning and have been avoiding Ukraine for months like BA, Cathay Pacific, Pakistan International Airways, China Airlines, Asiana, Korean Air and Qantas and some airlines were still over-flying Ukraine until the disaster including Virgin, Singapore Airlines, Air China, China Eastern Airlines, Air India and Thai Airways. Some airlines which continued to fly over Ukraine say that the ICAO did not ban them – merely advised them to avoid Ukraine. It is apparently up to each airline to make its own risk assessment. So you’d imagine a lawyer could establish negligence in this case.

  6. Probably there will be a class action lawsuit to come out of this.

  7. Interesting Mike, I noticed that after the disaster a few airlines said they would no longer be flying over the Ukraine but I didn’t know that some had already decided not to. It would be interesting to know which airlines respected the April warning and which didn’t.

  8. You could mention that on the April warning many airlines such as BA immediately did as advised. They’re not as stupid as it seems a few are

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