Limerick: WiMAX

Challenged to find a rhyme for GHz, I arrived, with a little help, at the following Limerick.

With WiMAX there’s too many GHz Said Sue who wears very little skirts Across the Seven Seas There are eight frequencies For designers that’s the bit that hurts. OK, it’s not Wordsworth, but he never even tried to find a rhyme for GHz. TOMORROW; TEN THINGS THAT SHOULD HAVE MADE IT


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  1. Rupert Goodwins

    Come on, you must know the song King’s Lead Hat by Brian Eno from “Before and After Science”?
    “In New Delhi (smelly Delhi) and Hong Kong
    They all know that it won’t be long
    I count my fingers (digit counter) as night falls
    And draw bananas on the bathroom walls
    The kilocycles (humdrum), the kilohertz
    The passage of my life is measured out in shirts
    Time and motion (motion carried) time and tide
    All I know and all I have is time
    And time and tide is on my side”
    Now, admittedly kHz isn’t quite the same as GHz, but the rhymey bit’s the same.
    Or you could have
    An oscilloscope jockey named Grace
    Said “Fast RF wipes the smile from my face.
    At ten gigahertz
    My trig finger hurtz
    And my waveform has vanished sans trace”
    My favourite limerick along those lines is:
    Marconi, whose ardour was tireless,
    Sat down and invented the wireless
    This proved very soon
    To be a great boon
    For people in towns that were choirless

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