Pasquale Pistorio joins Micron protest

Pasquale Pistorio, the legendary founding CEO of STMicroelectronics,  has joined the President of the Italian Republic and the Mayors of Catania and Messina in offering support to the threatened Italian workers of Micron Technology.

A video of the  events in Catania featuring Pistorio , the Mayor of Catania and the President of  the Italian Republic, Giorgio Napolitano can be seen here

Micron is trying to sack 40% of its Italian workers without severance pay. Micron acquired its Italian workers when it bought Numonyx the  joint venture formed by ST.

Another video showing the Italian President addressing Micron workers can be seen here.

Behind the President is ST CEO Carlo Bozotti who is being asked to take responsibility for the sacked Micron employees.






  1. Oh Yes, Roberto, there’s a world of difference between then and now.

  2. Pistorio was a Manager, a real one, with a vision and able to take responsibilities. Unfortunately he belongs to a past STMicroelectronics era.

  3. mr manners, excuse but i tried twice to post a comment on your article
    ” unadvisedly, linghtly, wantonly ” but was unsuccessful. could you kindly check ? best rgds,

  4. I was with my fellow colleagues when Mr Pistorio walked towards us to shake our hands and give some support words. Clearly, he said, he retired in 2005 and now lives in Singapore, but he cannot accept to stand still when jobs are at risks. He promised to use his current role of advisor to the Mayor of Catania in order to explore and find any possible solution to preserve the italian excellences

  5. for clarity sake, micron in of the last meetings held at the italian industrial develop, in rome offered 12 months salary severance …but in consideration of the average age of the workforce involved ( 40-45 yo ) it seemed ridiculous to all…. provocatively the unions asked for 300,000 euro/head !!! over ten times more…. bozotti should remember that he was once, in the not too far past, the general manager of the memory business unit to which these micron employees belonged to when they were still active within STM ( 2007-2008 )

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