Quiet America

America’s gone very quiet recently.

Ukraine is being left to the tender mercies of Vladimir Putin with, possibly, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia to follow.

Assad of Syria has been left to his own murderous devices.

Zero restraint has been put on the Israelis as they pound Gaza to death.


Well it could be because America no longer needs Arab oil.

The fracking boom means that, for the first time in nearly 20 years, America is now exporting more refined oil products than it imports.

Yesterday America started exporting crude oil for the first time in 40 years.

With the prospect of America becoming the world’s largest energy exporter the foreign policy priorities are changing.

Pity about Iraq, Syria, Egypt and Libya which have been messed up under the old policy of securing Arab oil supplies.



  1. Well I hope you!re right, Keith, if nothing is done it will only encourage Vlad to go after other former Soviet States and do a Peter the Great type expansion.

  2. There is almost certainly a ‘deal’ going on between the USA and Russia. Think about it: Russia does not want to be associated with the shooting down of a civilian aircraft in any way. They are probably not too worried about EU sanctions as much as the enormity of what it mean for terrorism if some Ukranians got away with what they have done. Who knows what the solution is – but Putin and Obama must be trying to find it. No one wants a WW3, period.

  3. Absolutely right, Silverman, the Black box data is being kept secret. Why? Maybe as a lever to make a deal. Same thing with Litvinenko. Maybe the authorities want a stitched-up announcement probably with a dispensable fall-guy. Otherwise a civil airliner will have been shot down with no one getting blamed for it.

  4. Something fishy is going on (as usual!). The Main-Stream-Media have gone full retard with the Putin-bashing? Are we back in the 1930’s or something?
    Meanwhile the black boxes were recovered over a week ago and still no news releases at all?
    It is a cover-up.
    And to deflect the mob old scores are being wheeled out. For example the Litvenenko story. So an ex-KGB spy was knocked off by some other ex-KGB spy – which one is the “good guy”?
    We the mob demand easier stories to follow!

  5. To treat the vets badly is stupid, DontAgree, that will dishearten the military over time and the last thing you want in the military is low morale.

  6. Another little thing that might hold them back is that the US of A is pretty much bankrupt … from all the previous wars and heavy over borrowing on things like Social Security funds … oh and with the extremely poor way the veterans are handled, which is broadly displayed in the news, the ranks are probably thinning …

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