The Galapagos Walking Stick

Japan sometimes calls itself the ‘Galapagos Islands’ of the high-tech world because its a very inventive country but doesn’t commercialise many of its inventions for export markets  because Japanese company execs feel that things have got be invented elsewhere if they’re to be internationally successful – a kind of reverse NIH.

So the question arises: Is Fujitsu’s satnav-enabled walking stick for the elderly a Galapagos Island  type of invention suitable only for the Japanese?



  1. Yes indeed SEPAM, given the tempora and the mores I think I’d prefer the Old Generation Cane

  2. SecretEuroPatentAgentMan

    Then you have the “Old Generation Cane”, the one with a blade. I remember reading in a newspaper many years ago about an attempted robbery of an elderly gentleman. The gentleman had this cane, drew cold steel and literally nailed the would-be robber to the wall.

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