Toshiba Profit Up On Stiffening NAND price.

Toshiba made $322m net profit in Q4 on revenues of $14.8bn largely because of better NAND prices and orders for thermal power stations.

For the first nine months of the year, Toshiba has had revenues of $46bn.

Toshiba’s Q4 NAND flash operating profit was $308m boosted by a rise in the price of  32Gbit flash to nearly $3 in the quarter after Toshiba cut NAND production in July.

‘Even though prices declined in the first half, memories secured operating income’, says Toshiba, ‘the result of a better balance in supply and demand achieved by a production adjustment the second quarter, and an increase in operating income in the third quarter’.

The power station business made a profit of $170m. The home appliances business lost $143m and the digital business, which includes TVs, lost $136m.

The company has $17.7bn of debt.

Toshiba expects to make an operating profit of  $2.86bn this financial year to the end of March and a net profit of $1.2bn on sales of $66bn.

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