Winning ICs and Losing ICs in 2013

Eight IC product types will grow more than the market this year, says IC Insights, eleven product types will grow less than the market and ten product types will decline.

Top of the pops are tablet MPUs and cellphone application MPUs which are expected to grow at 50% and 28% respectively.

NAND is expected to grow 12%.


Overall the market is forecast to grow 6%.


32bit MCUs are expected to outperform the market driven by  demand for higher levels of precision in embedded-processing systems, smartcards, the growth in connectivity using the Internet, applications in medical/health systems and automotive applications driven by intelligent car systems such as driver information systems and semi-autonomous driving features such as self-parking, advanced cruise controls, and collision-avoidance systems.  


After steep declines in 2011 and 2012, the DRAM market is forecast to increase 9% in 2013, three points more than the total IC market.  


DRAM unit growth is expected to increase only 2 percent, but the overall average selling price is forecast to jump 7% this year.  


In five of the past six years (2007-2012) the DRAM market declined, which took its toll on weaker suppliers.  Fewer suppliers in the marketplace mean fewer competitors trying to undercut each other’s prices in order to gain marketshare and enhances the likelihood of a more stable pricing environment in the coming year.

Interestingly, in a world that is increasingly wireless, two IC categories of “wired” telecom ICs are forecast to grow faster than the total IC market.  Wired Telecom–Special Purpose Logic/MPR and Wired Telecom–Application-Specific Analog are forecast to grow by 13% and 11%, respectively.

Product areas growing more than 6% in 2013


Tablet MPUs                        50

Cell phone app MPUs          28

Wired telecom                      13

NAND                                 12

DRAM                                   9

Auto                                       7

Consumer                               7

32-bit MCU                            7


Product areas growing less than 6% in 2013-02-13


Std PC & server MPUs             5

Auto app sp analogue                5

Display drivers                           3

PLDs                                         3

General purpose logic                 2

Industrial                                    2

Voltage reg & ref                        2

Wireless sp purpose logic/MPR  2

Interface                                     2

2/8bit MCU                                1

Data conversion                          1



Product areas declining in 2013


EEPROM                                     -2

Amplifiers/comparators                  -2

DSP                                              -2

16bit MCU                                    -3

Computer                                      -4

Std Cell                                         -4

ROM/EPROM                              -9

Gate Array                                   -10

NOR                                            -15

SRAM                                         -15






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  1. SecretEuroPatentAgentMan

    > 2/8bit MCU
    A 2 bit MCU would appear to be a truly narrow niche. Like a penny share it could go anywhere percentagewise. Or did you mean 32 bit?
    I am surprised about the decline for 16 bit MCU and DSP, particularly as the latter are found in increasing numbers in mobile systems that are expected to grow.
    And why are everyone moving from 8 and 16 bit to 32 MCU? Not all applications requier big colour screens, in fact many have very simple user interfaces if at all.

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