Good Old Louisiana

The loveliest people in the world come from Louisiana. The thought came to me as the lady in the filling station tactfully explained that the Holiday Inn I’d booked was in LafayetteIndiana, not, as I had thought, Lafayette, Louisiana. She found us a nice Hilton down the road.

Everywhere we go in Louisiana we encounter kindness and warmth.


Lousiana people think big. Breakfasting in BreauxBridge, a place the size of an English village, I see it calls itself: ‘The Crawfish Capital of the World’.


While down the road, a small town called New Iberia is holding: ‘The World Championship Cajun Gumbo Cook-out”.


I wander about eating a couple of bowls of crawfish gumbo and some fried alligator listening to a Zydeco band.


People chat away to us making us feel at home. A crawfish gumbo cook-out quickly seems a natural thing to do.


The owner of a Plantation House tells us he had several dozen refugees from the storm staying several months after Katrina.


You feel he’ll always be glad he did the neighbourly thing.


There are limits to Louisiana graciousness.


Carried away by the fun, fun, fun party spirit of New Orleans, I offer a sip of my enormous plastic cup of NOLA beer to a police horse.


A lady police officer nearby growled: “Ya wanna go ter jail?”



  1. It looked as if it would, Richard, horses usually like beer, but the policewoman intervened before it could get its nose in it.
    Yes, having a pretty good time, thanks

  2. David, I guess the horse didn’t drink. Good to hear you’re having a great time.

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