Pasquale Pistorio To Be Interviewed At Geneva IEF


It’s very good to hear that Pasquale Pistorio, the great former CEO of STMicroeletronics, will be publicly interviewed at the International Electronics Forum in Geneva the week after next.

Pistorio has that effect, which leaders have, of energising people. Andy Grove, the great ex-CEO of Intel, has the same quality. After being with Grove or Pistorio you feel gee-ed up, galvanised, more optimistic about the world.


Hearing Pistorio was going to be around at IEF made my spirits rise. Unfortunately I can’t think of many of today’s semiconductor CEOs of whom I could say the same.


If the modern CEO isn’t an accountant or an MBA he’s probably under the influence of one or the other.


You all know the kind of thin-lipped, hard-eyed guy whining on about cost-cutting and lawsuits who plagues the modern industry.


But enough of that. After the shock of the last nine months, Pistorio’s expansiveness and inspiration is exactly what the industry needs.


So, along with the semiconductor industry’s greatest cocktail marathon of the year, the Geneva IEF looks like delivering an invigorating infusion of the Pistorio-effect.


A lot of people will feel they need it.

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