The 2014 Longitude Prize

The 300th anniversary of the 1714 Longitude Prize is to be celebrated by a new £10 million prize for solving the most important scientific problem of the age.

The target is going to be announced by the BBC on Thursday after a vote by viewers.

The 1714 prize was to find a way to determine longitude at sea and was won by the Yorkshire clockmaker John Harrison. No one knows what suggestions have been put forward for the 2014 prize, but here are some which might:

Quicker travel links (UK to Australia in an hour)

Making the Sahara arable.

Supplying all energy needs from renewable sources.

A cure-all for disease.

Halting ageing.

A way to make packaging bio-degradable.

A cure for avarice





  1. Yes George, I like the thought of all those bankers queuing to get their avarice antidote jab

  2. A “cure-all for disease” would have such a huge impact on world population that it would be absolutely necessary to have a parallel implementation of “making the Sahara arable” plus, quite likely, “a way to make packaging bio-degradable” and
    “a cure for avarice”. The impact on the planet would be huge. No, huge is not a strong enough word. Monumental?

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