Good Old Imec

Imec is a classy operation. Everything it does is top-notch.

For its 30th anniversary Imec threw a dinner party for 400 in Les Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert in Brussels.

For those who don’t know the Galerieries Royales it’s a bit like Piccadilly’s Burlington Arcade – very swish, tres snob, lined with posh shops. Normally a public thoroughfare, Imec took it over for the evening.

After the first course a lady from an upstairs window started singing an aria from La Traviata.

Other operatic snippets were delivered by strolling singers.

Washed down by an excellent Bordeaux – Sirius 2010 served in magnums – you could feel the collective spirits soaring.

Good old Imec.



  1. Thanks again Mike, so Imec earns nearly all of its €332m the hard way – unlike some of Europe’s industrial companies!

  2. The ENIAC budget appears to put 4 million Euros a year into Belgium so I assume most of this goes to Imec. There are also FP7 and KET projects probably of similar size and they also have the medical and graphene projects so whilst it’s all money it’s only a small proprotion of €332m.

  3. Thanks, Mike

  4. Major clients like Intel, TSMC, Qualcomm, Samsung, Hynix, Toshiba, GlobalFoundries and the like will all be paying in real cash.

    But ST are at last also involved a little leaving only IBM in the non-IMEC dark ages but I suspect that is just EC money, as will Infineon’s involvement.

  5. Imec is involved in a lot of EU-supported projects, John i.e.
    But how the 85% splits between public and private money I don’t know. I could ask them if you like

  6. David,

    Of the 85% of 332 Mil how much is really EU-FP funds and how much is real cash from Industry (no in-kinds).

  7. Yes I assumed Anna meant the meal Mike and was pointing out the make-up of Imec’s funding which is 85% commercial contracts. Most of the people at the meal were Imec customers which is good marketing (and tax deductible) many were Imec employees which is good for Imec, and most of the rest paid for their dinner. So this was no EU taxpayer boondoggle as was suggested in the question.

  8. I think she meant the food and drink David. And like everything Luc does it’s generally profitable or at least covers costs – dinner was £60 for non-speakers, VIPs and press.

    They also had 900 at the conference and even if a third paid I suspect he was in the black.

    As you say Imec is the class act not just in Europe but the whole world.

  9. No Anna, last year Imec had revenues of €332m of which about 85% came from research contracts with Imec’s industrial partners. The rest came from a grant from the Flanders government of €48.6m and a €4.6m grant from the Dutch government for the Holst Centre – the Imec subsidiary in Eindhoven.

  10. Who picked up the tab? EU tax payer?

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