The Hassle-Free Data Dongle

For anyone who has endured the hair-tearingly awful log-in procedures on data dongles, now comes a benefit for the human race.

Clearwire, the US Wimax pioneer, has launched a $50 Wimax dongle called Clear Stick Atlas that can deliver broadband to laptops, tablets, netbooks without the need to install software or endure log-ins.

Anything which has Windows XP, Vista,  Windows 7, Mac OSX, Linux, Android and Chrome will  directly connect to the connection software those OSes.


Clearwire claims it to be the first driver-independent modem.


NetZero, is working with Clearwire to offer 200Mbytes per month for free for a year to anyone who buys the dongle. Over the 200MB you pay $9.95 for 500MB per month.


Skype founder Niklas Zennstrom has set up a company called FreedomPop to market an iPhone case which uses the Clearwire network to provide 1Gbyte of data for free and then charges a penny a Megabyte.



  1. Hey, i got one of these Huawei E353 Hilink modems unlocked . It no works with any network….nice

  2. Thanks for that info, Gart, on the back of it I have ordered an unlocked one today from Hopefully it wil give me a cellular connection in the US.

  3. This sounds like the Huawei HiLink modems (e.g. Huawei E353 HiLink) which you don’t need to install any drivers and gets you connected to the internet with seconds.

  4. I bet someone is already taking one apart to find how to exploit it as an open ‘back door’ into your PC

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