Can Krzanich Crack The Whip?

Can Krzanich crack the whip? It’s one thing to be CEO at Intel. it’s quite another thing to get your own way.

Brian Krzanich wants to get Intel into mobile. Intel has been trying to do this for well over a decade.

One of the reasons Intel has failed to get into mobile is because Intel’s mobile ICs have never been made on Intel’s most advanced process.

Craig Barrett could never get Intel’s ARM-based X-Scale processors made on the latest manufacturing processes which is one reason they failed in the market. When Marvell took over Intel’s X-Scale division in 2006, the first thing Marvell did was make X-Scale processors on advanced processes, and X-Scale then had considerable success.

Paul Otellini could never get Intel’s mobile ICs made on Intel’s most advanced process. There is an intention at Intel to do that at 14nm, but there is a general feeling that there are anti-mobile forces within Intel which will stop that happening.

This is where Brian Krzanich’s mettle will be seen. A consummate Intel insider, he knows who has to be whipped into line if Intel’s mobile ICs are to put onto Intel’s latest manufacturing process, or if foundry customers’ ARM-based mobile SOCs are to be fabbed on Intel’s processes or, indeed, if Intel is, once again, to make ARM-based SOCs on its own account.

But has he got the bottle to do it?

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