ELG Report Ready This Month, says Kroes.

The detailed implementation plan for restoring the health of semiconductor manufacturing in Europe will be ready by the end of the month, Neelie Kroes, EC Vice President and Commissioner for the Digital Agenda told the Imec Technology Forum 2014 in Brussels.

"mber we set up the European Leaders Group (ELG) and asked them for a strategic roadmap so we can double semiconductor output and they delivered that in February, " said Kroes,"most people prefer flowers or chocolates but I was delighted with this present."

"I m expecting a more detailed implementation plan at the end of this month," added Kroes.

Kroes wants to see European manufacturing capacity put in place to achieve her target of doubling European output.

"Europe needs the capacity to design and manufacture electronic components, ' said Kroes, "that needs to have demand from end-users which we are also supporting. We are not putting in over-capacity, but if we wait for the demand we will be too late."

"Do we have the creativity, the energy and the ambition to lead the world? We do," declared Kroes.

Hopefully Kroes will stay in Brussels to see this through. She told how one of her grandchildren asked her how old she is, Kroes said 72 to which the child responded: "And you're still alive?"

Fortunately for the European electronics industry, Kroes looks like she has plenty of life left in her.



  1. Grax, I agree with you completely. As presently managed and controlled, the top three companies can’t deliver Neelie Kroes’ objectives. Europe should concentrate the funding on 2nd tier companies and start-ups.

  2. STM, NXP, Infineon top management are NOT CAPABLE to launch new BIG digital project in general and NONE in the domain of EU Digital Agenda.

    These companies are closed in nice market since too long for being capable to REACT effectively and enter the multibillion market of Intel Samsung Hynix Qualcomm.

    You cannot for a donkey to drink if he doesnt want to … and expecially when the donkeys are 70y old with stock market crokos pointing a gun over their pension benefits.


    LET THE OLD COMPANIES FAIL and invest in startup MUCH better if TRUE MIX-EuropeanAngloAmerican management.

    Attrack talented people from Asia and the rest of the PLANET.

    This is the future WE NEED, not giving Biullion to old donkeys incapable to have a DREAM other then a gold pension.

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