Jam For Jha

You begin to see why GloFo bagged up Sanjay Jha to be its CEO.When Jha went to head up the Motorola hand-set business in Q3 2008 the loss that quarter was  $840 million.

Four years later, Jha sold the business to Google for $12.4 billion.

Earlier this week, Google sold it on to Lenovo for $2.9 billion.

That suggests Jha knows something about the art of the deal.

Now GloFo’s Abu Dhabi owners are reported to be a trifle disenchanted with their acquisition.

Industry rumours suggest that Intel and TSMC have been offered the company and have declined the offer.

So, on his history, Jha may well have been tapped as a man to engineer a sweet deal.

When he went to Motorola, Jha’s contract gave him 3% of the equity if a sale was made. On $12.4 billion that’s north of $360 million.

So he’s not a guy to work for peanuts.



  1. Ok the story is not about Google, but this story makes Google look much more stupid than they actually are. Two big facts are missing:
    – Google also sold Motorola’s cable box business for $2.3 billion to Arris in late 2012. (http://money.cnn.com/2014/01/29/technology/mobile/motorola-lenovo/)
    -When they bought the Google desperately needed a mobile phone patent portfolio to defend themselves against the aggressive tactics from Apple and Microsoft
    So they paid $7.2B for those patents, which is still expensive considering the $4.5B price a consortium paid for the Nortel Networks patents.

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