SMIC Forms Research Ecosystem

SMIC is forming a research ecosystem around it to develop 20nm and better IC process technology.The members of the SMIC research ecosystem are: Wuhan Xinxin, Tsinghua University, Beijing University, Fudan University and the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Microelectronics.

The collaboration is called the “IC Advanced Technology Research Institute”. It is the most advanced IC technology research and development institution in China.

The aim, says SMIC CEO Tzu-Yin Chiu, is to “integrate the strengths of corporations and research institutions to accelerate the development of advanced process technology, and address issues the industry faces, such as IP protection, and thus promote the rapid development of China’s IC industry.”

Others invited to join the Institute are ‘design, equipment, material companies, and upstream and downstream industries. They can join in as a member or in project collaboration.’

The Institute wants to integrate the domestic IC industry supply chain, equipment manufacturers, material suppliers, foundries, design firms and research institutes.

As well as being a research organisation the Institute will be a verification platform for domestic-made equipment and material research development.

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