TI, HP, MEMS Fallers; ST and Bosch Rise

Bosch and ST shared the No.1 slot for MEMS last year with $793 million revenues apiece, says IHS, the figures exclude foundry business.

Bosch is top in auto with a 27% market share which makes up 82% of Bosch’s MEMS revenue.

ST is top in consumer and mobile.

TI, former No.1, fell to No.3 because of flat DLP revenue which makes up most of its MEMS revenue.

HP, former No.2, fell to No.4 as inkjet printer head revenue declined.

The top 20 players have 77% of the MEMS market.

Top 20 MEMS manufacturers 2012


Bosch                                                                                                    793

ST                                                                                                           793

TI                                                                                                            751

HP                                                                                                          677

Canon                                                                                                   377

Denso                                                                                                   298

Panasonic                                                                                            296

Knowles                                                                                               292

ADI                                                                                                       285

Freescale                                                                                             255

Epson                                                                                                    223

Sensata                                                                                                200

InvenSense                                                                                         186

Avago                                                                                                    167

VTI                                                                                                         163

Infineon                                                                                               157

GE                                                                                                          141

JDSU                                                                                                      114

FormFactor                                                                                         109

TriQuint                                                                                                109


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