UMC revenues up, profits flat, utilisation 78%

UMC, the No.3 foundry, had Q1 revenue of $931m for net income of $36.8m.Q4 2012 revenue was $898.66m for a net profit of $37m

Gross margin was 16.2% and operating margin was 1.1%. It had 78% capacity utilisation.

40nm production represented 20% of the total.

“Following several months of inventory correction in the semiconductor market, demand has stabilized. With increasing demand led by the communication sector, we anticipate 2Q foundry operating results to improve, with wafer shipments projected to exceed 10% growth,” says UMC CEO, Po-Wen Yen.

Jan/Feb revenues were $607m which is 5% up on the Jan/Feb 2012 sales of $579m.

UMC had a month-on-month 13.4% sales dip in December with December 2012 sales of $270m.

UMC’s November revenues were $310m and its October revenues were $319m.

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