After 18 Years ST Drops Out of Top Ten

For the first time in 18 years, STMicroelectronics slipped out of the top ten in Q1, reports IC Insights. ST first entered the top ten in 1996. That year it had sales of just over $4 billion; last year sales were just over $8 billion.

The top 20 companies by sales were, according to IC Insights:


Intel  11.7

Samsung 8.8

TSMC 4.9

Qualcomm 4.2

Micron 4.2

Hynix 3.5

Toshiba 2.8

TI  2.8

Broadcom 2.0

Renesas 1.9

ST  1.8

MediaTek/MStar 1.6

Infineon  1.4

AMD 1.4

Avago/LSI  1.3

NXP 1.2

Nvidia 1.1

Freescale 1.1

GloFo 1.0

UMC 1.0
When Fujitsu and Panasonic complete the merger of their LSI divisions that should have com-anined annual sales of $5 billion putting them in the list at No.16.


In total, the top 20 semiconductor companies’ sales increased by 9% in 1Q14 as compared to 1Q13.


Taking Q1 2014 over Q1 2013, the top 20 companies had widely differing growth rates ranging from MediaTek’s 48% to ST’s minus 10%.


% growth Q1 2014 over Q1 2013.


MediaTek 48

Hynix 36

AMD 28

Micron 27

Infineon 19

Freescale 15

Avago 15

NXP 15

Nvidia 14

UMC 12

Samsung 11


Qualcomm 8

GloFo 7

TI  3

Broadcom 1

Intel 1

Renesas -1

Toshiba -5

ST -10



  1. The above numbers are for Q1 – just for a single quarter, Anon. The $8 billion figure is for one whole year’s revenues

  2. “just over $8 billion” would put them third?

  3. Yes Jack that’s a pity but maybe doesn’t matter too much. He’s an amenable guy of the sort who carries the imprint of whoever sat on him last. So the important thing is that the right guys sit on him as much as possible.

  4. And the guy who leads the company to this situation is extending his term for another 3 years.

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