41 ARM Licences Signed In Q2; Revenues $309m; Profit $160m.

ARM had Q2 revenues of $309 million, up 17% y-o-y for a profit of $160 million.41 new licences were signed in Q2, six of which were by first time licensees.

“The 41 processor licences signed in Q2 were driven by demand for ARM technology in smart mobile devices, consumer electronics and embedded computing chips for the Internet of Things, and include further licences for ARMv8-A and Mali processor technology,” says Simon Segars, “this bodes well for growth in ARM’s medium and long term royalty revenues

7 new ARMv8-A licences were signed – taking the total to 50 licenses with 28 partners eight of which are in China..

It was a record quarter for new Mali licences. 8 Mali multimedia processor licences were signed, including the first licences for video and display processors

Processor licensing revenue was up 42% y-on-y, and processor royalty revenue was up 2% y-on-y.

There was 11% growth y-o-y in overall unit shipments to 2.7 billion ICs.

During the quarter, ARM delivered the Juno development platform to support the development of the next generation of Android L devices on the ARM V8-A architecture.

Three semiconductor vendors debuted ARM-based server solutions

‘Market data indicates improving semiconductor industry conditions, leading to the expectation of an acceleration in royalty revenue growth in H2 2014.’


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