Apps Goldmine

Apple apps have generated $30 billion revenues since 2008, says Apple, with the apps developers taking $20 billion of that and Apple taking $10 billion.European Apple apps developers have taken nearly a third of the total apps revenues with $6.5 billion.

The Apple apps store has 1.2 million apps which have attracted over 75 billion downloads.

Apps in general will be an $86 billion industry this year, says Apple, with $16.5 billion of that generated in Europe.



  1. These are truly impressive numbers. I imagine that a lot of it has to do with the ease of purchase. I simply click the app i want, see a cost on the screen, enter my apple password and it downloads.

    This raises the question, would all customers proceed if they had to dig a card out of a wallet or part with physical money? The absence of any substantial payment action for me is definitely a contributor.

  2. I can see two comments from you and one response from me but nothing else. I can’t recall other comments on this post but I’ll look around

  3. Were there not comments on this earlier? All have gone now.

  4. I agree, Silverman. I remember being amazed when, about 20 years ago, the video games industry games became a bigger industry than Hollywood. It all shows how fast the world can change without you noticing. Funnily enough though I find youngsters very engaged with life on a person-to-person basis and not sunk in a video-dominated half-life.

  5. That is amazing. Either folks have a lot of spare cash to blow – or we are all putting very useful apps on our phones – and becoming more productive as a result and content. We are all bionic now with our smartphones! Cool.

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