China Smartphone Explosion

Digitimes expects 422 million smartphones to be sold in a China in 2014, with 278 million coming from China-based smartphone vendors and 144 million coming from Samsung and Apple.Digitimes expects global shipments of China-based smartphone vendors to reach 412 million units in 2014 with overseas shipments accounting for about 126 million units.

Lenovo and Huawei are each expected to ship 50 million units.

ZTE and CoolPad are each expected to reach 35.5 million units.

TCL is expected to ship 26 million units.

Gionee and Xiaomi are each expected to ship 20 million units.



  1. Ha Ha, DontAgree, Yes Intel’s industry subsidies may be spawning a whole new breed of cheapo smartphones. BTW I have taken the liberty of adding the ‘or’ to your comment.

  2. Sounds great … unless these are all dirt cheap models … in which case they will need an Intel mobile processor to make them profitable

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