Foundry Industry To Outpace Overall Semi Industry, says Gartner

The semiconductor industry’s increasing focus on mobile devices will mean that foundry industry growth will outpace overall semiconductor industry growth for the foreseeable future, says Gartner Dataquest.

Gartner reckons the annual sales of mobile phones will grow from this year's 95m units to 2.3bn units in 2016, while tablets will grow from 120m units this year to 310m units in 2016.

Mobile phones and tablets required the latest processes, says Gartner, because of their performance and low power requirements.

Therefore the combined growth of mobile phones and tablets, at 145m units per year, will drive demand for ICs used in mobile devices principally application processors, baseband and CMOS image sensor chips.

And these ICs are mostly made in foundries.



  1. Yes indeed, SecretEuroPatentAgentMan, those figures are bollox. 95 million units is about what Nokia and Samsung each do in one quarter. The market’s somewhere around 1.6 billion phones this year, so the 2.3 billion for 2016 is plausible. Gartner’s usually OK in my experience but on occasions can get carried away by commercial enthusiasm. All analysts need a regular reality MOT IMHO. You probably did the guy a favour.

  2. SecretEuroPatentAgentMan

    > Gartner reckons the annual sales of mobile phones will grow from this year’s 95m units to 2.3bn units in 2016
    That growth rate is nothing short of awesome, considering the financial times we live in.
    How is the reliability of Gartner Dataquest? My personal opinion on Gartner is not suited for publishing (particularly as we now know there are ladies present), and I have had the personal satisfaction in hammering down a consultant from Gartner to the point he had to publish a total retraction.

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