Infineon Gets Windy

Infineon expects 7 – 11% growth this year. For the current quarter it expects ‘mid single-digit growth’ – presumably 5%.However, the current quarter sales of Euros 984 million were down on calendar Q4 revenues of Euros 1.53 billion.

The company has cash of Euros 2.279 billion and net cash (cash less debt) of $2.048 billion.

The company is looking to the UK for some of its growth this year. Infineon is very big in power ICs and these go into windmills. Infineon points out that the UK plans to increase its off-shore wind power capability from 3GW today to 10GW by 2020



  1. With that much cash, Infineon could buy the Automotive group or the Industrial group from ST to strengthen their position.
    But would French and Italian govt give them up to German?
    Unless Kroos intervene…

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