M&A Affects Q1 Semi Rankings

M&A affected the top 20 semiconductor rankings for Q1.

After it’s purchase of MStar, MediaTek climbed four slots in the market share rankings in Q1 to take the No.12 slot, reports IC Insights. Annual revenues are expected to top $6 billion.

Micron’s purchase of Elpida created a company with sales of $17 billion and Avago’s purchase of LSI Logic created a company with revenues of $5 billion.

The Panasonic-Fujitsu merger should create a company with sales of $1.25 billion making it the 16th largest chip company.

Compared to Q1 2013, Q1 2014 sales for the top 20 companies were up 9%.

Ten companies recorded double digit growth between last year’s Q1 and this year’s: Hynix, Micron, and Samsung, MediaTek, AMD, Infineon, Freescale, Avago/LSI, NXP, and Nvidia.

Top Ten Sales $bn

Intel 11.7
Samsung 8.8
TSMC. 4.9
Qualcomm 4.2
Micron 4.2
Hynix 3.5
Toshiba 2.8
TI. 2.8
Broadcom 2
Renesas 1.9

Top Ten Growth %

MediaTek 48
Hynix. 36
AMD. 28
Micron. 27
Infineon 19
Freescale 15
Avago 15
NXP 15
Noviciate 14
UMC 12



  1. I’m afraid it’s after the M&A, DontAgree, but these are Q1 figures and Q2 is considerably better.

  2. So now I wonder, is the 9% increase for the top 20 before or after the M&A ? I mean by joining two companies into one it either adds revenue to the top 20 directly, or indirectly if both companies were already in the top 20, thus freeing up a slot at the bottom.
    If the 9% is after M&A, then it is rather disappointing …

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