Poor Old Blackberry

Android will take over 80% market share in mobile OSes this year, says IDC, with iOS on 14.8% share.Microsoft will have 3.5% and poor old Blackberry will see its share fall below 1% – a measly 0.8%.

Last year Blackberry had 1.9% share.

IDC reckons Microsoft will increase share in future years, reaching 6.4% in 2018.

It thinks Android’s share will drop to 77.6% by 2018.

It thinks iOS will fall to 13.7% by 2018.

And it thinks poor old Blackberry will slip to 0.3% share.



  1. My wife was given a Samsung by her work and we were both horrified to see how much information it was giving out in the default settings. Took several days but I think she’s now ‘unmonitored’, though if someone knows of something as good as the PC’s AdBlock then please let me know.

  2. Perhaps BlackBerry can demonstrate their phones are more secure and not harvested for user information like the android one?
    Mind you – the android generation do not care about privacy anymore so its a moot point.

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