Soaring Apps Processor Markets

HiSilicon, Intel, MediaTek and NVIDIA registered triple-digit year-over-year shipment growth of smartphone apps processors in Q1 although Samsung, Apple and MediaTek took 80% revenue share, says Strategy Analytics, while both Intel and MediaTek may be on target to each ship 40 million tablet apps processors this year.The global smartphone applications processor market grew 25% on 2013 year to reach $4.7 billion in Q1 2014, according to Strategy Analytics.

Qualcomm, Apple, MediaTek, Samsung and Spreadtrum grabbed the top-five smartphone applications processor spots in Q1 2014.

Qualcomm took 53 p% revenue share, followed by Apple with 16% and MediaTek with 13%.

According to Sravan Kundojjala, Senior Analyst, “During Q1 2014, HiSilicon, Intel, MediaTek and NVIDIA registered triple-digit year-over-year shipment growth while Apple, Marvell, Qualcomm and Spreadtrum registered double-digit unit shipment growth. Strategy Analytics believes that the expanding smartphone market continues to provide opportunities for multiple applications processor vendors.”

SA’s Stuart Robinson says, “Qualcomm maintained its huge lead in the smartphone applications processor market with 53% revenue share in Q1 2014. Qualcomm yet again scored multiple flagship Android smartphone design-wins with its latest Snapdragon 801 processor. Strategy Analytics believes that Qualcomm’s investments in CPU, GPU, DSP, RF, location, and connectivity technologies are paying off and are providing differentiation to its chips in the crowded applications processor market. ”

The global tablet applications processor market grew 30% year-over-year to reach $912 million in Q1 2014.

Apple, Qualcomm, Intel, MediaTek and Samsung captured the top-five tablet applications processor spots in Q1 2014.

Apple maintained its tablet applications processor lead with 30% revenue share, followed by Qualcomm with 18 percent revenue share and Intel with 11%.

SA’s Sravan Kundojjala reckons: “Qualcomm maintained its tablet applications processor momentum in Q1 2014 and scored multiple high-profile tablet design-wins with its Snapdragon 800 family of chips. Strategy Analytics estimates Qualcomm’s tablet applications processor shipments registered five-fold year-over-year growth in Q1 2014.”

According to SA’s Stuart Robinson, “During Q1 2014, Intel, Marvell, MediaTek and Samsung also made good progress in the tablet applications processor market and registered strong shipment growth. Both Intel and MediaTek are aiming to ship 40 million or more tablet applications processors in 2014 and both companies appear to be on a good trajectory, based on their Q1 2014 momentum.”

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