A Fickle Lady

The witty thing about the Samsung Galaxy S3 phone is that it has the lovely curved back of the original Apple 3G phone.

That iPhone 3 curve fits so well in the hand, it always seemed odd of Apple to swap it for the boxy, rectangular shape of the iPhone 4.

Moreover Samsung have stolen a march on Apple with a larger screen which, by using OLEDs, can have a smaller rim round them  than iPhones – which makes them look more attractive.

Pity about the Galaxy’s RF of course, but it seems people put looks above RF.

With Samsung out-shipping Apple 2-1 in smartphones in Q2 – at 50 million units to 26 million – the phone issues are:

Have Apple and Samsung, which are collectively selling 76 million out of a total 150 million smartphone market in Q2,  got unchallengeable market traction dooming Nokia, RIM, HTC, ZTE etc to oblivion?


Is the iPhone on a downwards slide to nowhere?

Amazingly, for the company which revolutionised the mobile phone industry five years ago, Apple’s phone future now rests on the iPhone 5.

If it’s a dog, Apple won’t recover. If it’s late, then flagging iPhone 4 sales will keep on diving, and shortages of 28nm chips at Qualcomm may make iPhone 5 late.

Fortune is a fickle lady.



  1. Maybe he figures that if his Passport has an entry from Israel, he could not go to an Arab country…… NOT!

  2. Pretty much what Mike predicted in his FFB to me last week.

  3. You’re the first person I’ve heard praise the Galaxy’s RF, Mr C, and I’ve heard a few disparage it. Nice to know there’s a diversity of view.

  4. Galaxy’s RF bad?
    That’s funny when I swapped my iphone3S (note not the hand of death iphone4) for a Galaxy S2 my RF performance went up, no more did I have voice-mails which I was frequently told that I had turned my phone off, when in fact the iPhone was on but not receiving.
    I do miss the easy use of an iPhone but that’s all.

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