200 Computers Installed In Britain


200 Computers Installed In Britain

52 years ago this was the headline in Electronics Weekly’s edition of September 21st 1960.

The story runs:


‘There are now about 200 computers installed in Britain and many more are on order.

Exports of machines last year amounted to £1.3 million.


This is what Mr Sebastian Z de Ferranti, managing director of Ferranti Ltd, said at a one day computer conference held in Stockholm last week.


“In the whole of history to 1945, mechanical devices had only increased the speed of calculation by a factor of 100. But since 1945 electronic computers have increased the possible speed by a factor of 250,000.’



  1. Thanks for that, Scott, how times have changed!

  2. Funny that is exactly the number of laptops lost and found on the London Underground, every day.

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