Basingstoke Builds World’s Most Advanced Semiconductor Plant


15 Million Transistors A Year By 1963

52 years ago, this was a headline in the October 12th 1960 edition of Electronics Weekly.

The story opens:


‘At an ultra-modern factory they are building at Basingstoke, Hampshire, Associated Transistors Ltd are planning to produce 15m transistors a year by 1963 – nearly 20,000 a day.’


The story continues:


‘The company state that the new plant must be regarded as the most advanced design of transistor factory in the world.’


‘Initially the number of employees will be about 1,000, some of which have already moved to Basingstoke.’


‘Associated Transistors Ltd is backed jointly by Automatic Telephone and Electric Co Ltd, The English Electric Company, Ltd and Ericsson Telephones Ltd.’



  1. Anslogue companies do it all the time. The Russians have just built a 90nm plant. Intel built a non-state-of-the-art fab in China. There are many examples, tecman.

  2. Another new factory that will be the most advanced in the world.
    Does anybody ever build factories that use old technology?

  3. I’m sorry Dick I get exactly the same b awful ‘too many comments’ messages and so do others. They are massively annoying. I’ve asked our IT people to sort it but so far no luck. I will keep pushing.

  4. Interesting, the second entry on Google for Associated Transistors is
    And if this appears multiple times it is because your system tells me it is not posting it as I have made too many comments recently.

  5. How great to hear from you Dave, hope life post-AMD is fun. Do you know I haven’t a clue whether the fab was built or not. I’ll do some digging to find out more. Can’t ring up a PR on this one!

  6. Did it ever get built?

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