Britain First With Working Secondary Radar System

‘Britain first with working system’

‘Britain first with working system’


‘ATC system of the future’

So, 53 years ago, ran the headline on a story in Electronics Weekly’s edition of April 19th 1961.

The story opens:

‘British secondary surveillance radar as been ordered by two major overseas airlines, Air France and Air India International. The equipment is the Cossor SSR1521 and, following the lead of  British Overseas Airways Corporation, the units will be installed in the airlines’ Boeing 707 fleets.’

The story continues:

‘British units were chosen after extensive evaluations of the British and various American SSR sets.

The Cossor SSR equipment supplied to the Ministry of Aviation (MOA) for trials at London Airport has recently passed its acceptance tests. The subsequent operational tests are now beginning.

“It is most encouraging to see that the MOA are so actively engaged in this further improvement in the use of radar aids, computers and other electronic devices,” said Mr K.E. Harris, director and general manager of Cossor Radar & Electronics Ltd, “they have always been with the leaders of world opinion, and it appears that the UK will again be the first with an established working system.”



  1. That’s really something. Thanks, Jamo.

  2. And the business is still producing SSRs from its Raytheon Harlow site today.

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