Britain’s Space Programme On Schedule

Britain’s space research programme is going ahead on schedule. In two months’ time the integration of the British experiments with the American Scout rocket components will take place.

So, 53 years ago, started a story in Electronics Weekly’s edition of April 26th 1961.

The story continues:

Though this will undoubtedly be a difficult period, there is no reason to suppose that the first British experiments will not be successfully in orbit early next year, as planned.

Details of Britain’s second experimental satellite were announced last week. Like the first, it will be launched by a US four-stage solid propellant Scout rocket.

Three experiments will be carried out and the proposed orbit will carry the satellite over the UK and the US,

Apogee and perigee are planned to be 2000 and 300km from earth.



  1. Yes indeed, zeitghost, 43 years and counting. They used to contact it every year on its birthday

  2. I suppose the irony is that the satellite launched on that final successful mission, Prospero, will be up there for centuries.

    IIRC the whole program cost about £90M in uninflated 1960s quidlets.

    Quite a bargain really.

  3. A very appropriate thought IMHO, zeitghost, the impermanence of man’s puny achievements, Pharoahs’ monuments succumbing to sand, politicians’ follies crumbling to dust etc etc

  4. My name is Ozymandias.

    That sprang to mind when I read this, dunno why.

    Steam powered rockets, cancelled by Grocer Heath just as they were getting usable.


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