Bus Time-Table Compiled By Computer


‘Computer Will Calculate Bus Times’

was a headline, 51 years ago in the January 4th 1961 edition of Electronics Weekly.

The story opens:


‘London Transport’s bus schedules and time-tables are to be compiled by an electronic computer. During recent investigations, using an EMIDEC 1100 computer, the administration cut the production of schedules for the simplest type of bus route from an hour to 30 seconds.’


‘This particular application of electronic data processing is claimed to be unique in the world.’


‘Operating a public transport network in an area such as London , is not merely a question allocating a certain number buses to particular routes, but involves integrating vehicles with an intricate staff organisation.’


‘With the aid of a computer, it should be possible to assess, more accurately, the needs of the public. From previous statistics, for example, it would be possible to determine the additional traffic required to cope with an increase of passengers at occasions such as sporting or social events or exhibitions.’




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