Comms, Not PC, Driving IC Industry

“It is not the PC driving the up-cycle but communications solutions embedded in silicon,” said Wilf Corrigan, Founder and CEO of LSI Logic in Electronics Weekly’s edition of  October 18th 2000.

The story continues:

“The Internet has had some remarkable primary and secondary results,” said Corrigan, “no one had heard of Cisco twelve years ago – now it vies with GE for being the most valuable company in the world”.

Europe is already a leader in wireless and soon will be the leader in wired. “The number of Internet users in Europe will pass the number of users in the US next year,” said Corrigan, adding “and Europe is way out in front of the US in wireless.”

So strong is the driving force of connectivity that the semiconductor industry will grow by 30 per cent both this year and next year, said Corrigan.

As a result it will reach $300bn by 2003 and double again to reach $600bn by 2010. “It is being propelled not by microprocessors and DRAM but by communications”, he said.

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