Computer For Baggage Check-In Bought By Scandinavian Airlines.

The first electronic computer to be installed by an airline for weight and baggage control has been brought into operation by Scandinavian Airlines Systems in Copenhagen. Designed by Standard Telephones & Cables Ltd, this system consists of a Stantec  Zebra computer connected to push-button keysets located at passenger check-in points.

So, 53 years ago, starts a story in Electronics Weekly’s edition of April 19th 1961

The story continues:

‘Information about baggage weight and the various categories of a passenger is recorded on the keysets and transmitted direct to the computer. Load totals are then automatically computed by the machine and aircraft load sheet and load messages are printed for every flight leaving Copenhagen.

The use of central electronic data processing yields several advantages: passengers can check in at any counter; data is collected instantaneously from all points; errors are less likely since there is no manual intervention between check-in and the production of results by the computer; and a quicker supply of information enables a more economic loading of aircraft.’

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