CRT Price War


is the headline on a 54 year-old story from Electronics Weekly’s edition of September 14th 1960.

The story continues:

Price cuts by Mullard of up to 30 shillings in their range of television tunes are NOT a move in a price war. But battling Sam Carpenter, whose firm Cathode Ray Tubes Ltd, introduced low-priced ‘Lifeguard’ television tubes on August 18 has further reduced his prices by up to 15 shillings to undercut Mullard.

Mullard, one of the largest manufacturers of cathode-ray tubes in Britain, say their reductions are the result of improvements in production efficiency.

This is their third price reduction since 1956. The price of a 17-in. tube, for example, has been progressively reduced from £17 to £10. 10s (electrostatic) and £10 (electromagnetic).



  1. Yess indeed we think we’re progressing fast, george, but one wonders if an extraterrestrial from Planet Zog would see a 50 year progress from a 17″ CRT to a 17″ LCD as delivering a major lifestyle advance for the human race.

  2. 17 inches…reasonably large in that day. Now my laptop computer has a screen that large (although an LCD one, of course!).

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