First Pure-Play Software Company Founded


‘A new company has been formed for the sole purpose of writing programmes for electronic computers. Believed to be the first of its kind, Vaughan Programming Services has been established at Brickendon, Herts.

So, 52 years ago starts a story in Electronics Weekly’s edition of November 2nd 1960.

The story continues:


‘An essential feature of a programme is that it should run trouble-free almost at once.’


‘The preparation of a perfect set of instructions at the outset would take considerable time for a complex computer application.’


‘It is claimed that such tasks have taken several man years. The most difficult programmes written by Vaughan Services, however, usually take about two months.’



  1. Thanks for that Mark it made my morning. What a wonderful story and what a magnificent woman.

  2. See for more of the history behind VPS and Dina St Johnston

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